Stack Bodies, Not Paper



Kalibrated Solutions, Inc,. specializes in bespoke applications of a tactical nature.  We can provide custom training packages, equipment procurement, firearm customization, security assessments and testing for soft and hard sites, protective services for personnel (CONUS & OCONUS); if we don't have the capability in-house, we can find out who does and secure services on behalf of your entity.
  • Procurement Services
    • Kalibrated Solutions, Inc. is certified as a Service-Connected Disabled-Veteran Owned Business Entity  at bot the state and federal level.
  • Training Services
    • All tactical training is restricted to credentialed LEOs and military personnel.  Our instructors are current LEOs at both the local and federal level, current Registered Nurses specializing in trauma, graduate students in physiology and psychology, as well as veterans of both conventional & special operations units.
  • Kalibrated Kinetics
    • Mission specific battle platform builds and customization.  Whether you need a compact rifle for kicking in doors and moving room to room or a rifle that can deliver ordinance precisely at extreme ranges; we got you covered.


So here's the deal, we're set in our ways and don't really care about what other people think.

That simple statement is what governs why we do what we do, and more importantly, how we do it. In a world of conformity and compliance, we refuse to comply for conformity's sake. We don't have beliefs or ideology, our guiding principals are more like convictions.  

It's not about what's popular; trends come and go.  It's not about the glory days; the only things that matters is the next mission.  It's not about recognition; because you never saw us since we were never here.  It's not about quantity, because the best things in life are usually rare and hard to obtain. It's not about compromise, because we don't settle.  It's not about making it work, because there's a right tool for every job. It's not about blind loyalty or overzealousness; we understand no institution and no person is perfect and it's our duty to hold everyone, especially ourselves, accountable.  It's not about safe spaces or being politically correct; often times, the truth hurts, and how you hear it doesn't make it any less true. It's not about where you used to work; there's a reason why you left or aren't doing that job anymore, time to move on.  It's not about titles; position has no authority over results.  It's not about conventional versus unconventional; bounding overwatch is bounding overwatch regardless if you do or don't have a movie and a book deal on your exploits. It's not about being polite; we're trying to get shit done, right fuckin' here and right fuckin' now. It's not about solving just any problems; it's about a Kalibrated Solution designed for you.